Wiz\ 'wiz \

A wizard, a person with magical abilities
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Why Wiz?

At its core, magic is defined by a deep understanding of your environment and using natural means to create seemingly impossible outcomes. We wanted our company name to be born out of this notion that our approach to security is solving customer problems that seem impossible today. It allows us to emphasize our ambitious objective to completely change how we’re approaching cloud security as an industry.

The magic ingredient? Every single person on team Wiz.

We truly believe that as a company we are in a unique position to drive change and our name -Wiz- is the ultimate representation of exactly that.

Leadership Team

Assaf Rappaport, Chief Executive Officer at Wiz

Assaf Rappaport

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Ami Luttwak, Chief Technology Officer at Wiz

Ami Luttwak

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Yinon Costica, Vice President Product at Wiz

Yinon Costica

VP Product
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Roy Reznik, Vice President Research and Development at Wiz

Roy Reznik

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Adi Leist Sharon, Head of Operations and Corporate Functions at Wiz

Adi Leist Sharon

Head of Operations and Corporate Functions
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Ryan Carlson, Chief Marketing and Strategy Officer at Wiz

Ryan Carlson

Chief Marketing and Strategy Officer
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Anthony Belfiore, Chief Security Officer at Aon.

Anthony Belfiore

Chief Security Officer
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Nir Dagan, General Counsel at Wiz

Nir Dagan

General Counsel
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Raaz Herzberg, Head of Product at Wiz

Raaz Herzberg

Head of Product
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Colin Jones, Chief Revenue Officer at Wiz

Colin Jones

Chief Revenue Officer
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“The industry hasn't been approaching cloud security the right way. It’s based on outdated concepts and we need to finally make the cloud work for security teams."
Assaf Rappaport

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